They might have upset me, says May

THERESA May has explained that she could not speak to residents of Grenfell Tower because she is feeling insecure and vulnerable right now. 

The prime minister visited the site but did not speak to locals because she could not trust herself not to get upset after the week she has had.

She continued: “It’s been just so terrible. I could have lost my house, my job…

“Even before the election I wasn’t sleeping, and even when I do close my eyes I just see Corbyn’s face.

“Everyone loves bloody Corbyn don’t they? Just because he does eye contact and that thing of putting his arm around them.

“I don’t mind talking to people, it’s just when they talk back, and then you can’t control it.

“Apparently they call it ‘interaction’ and frankly I can’t handle it.”

Kensington resident Tom Booker said: “Sorry, we didn’t realise this was a bad time.”