Tories wearing Corbyn t-shirts around Manchester

CONSERVATIVES are wearing Corbyn-themed merchandise to disguise their identities on the streets of Manchester.

Tory conference attendees have been spotted wearing Leninist caps, Momentum badges and threadbare cheesecloth shirts, with some even blasting grime music from their mobile phones in an attempt to go unnoticed.

A Tory source said: “If I have to choose between my safety and my style, so be it. Which is why I will be wearing these loose-fitting sports trousers and a t-shirt bearing the phrase ‘Oh Jeremy Corbyn’ whenever I’m out in public.

“Whoever decided that we should bring our party to this godforsaken northern hinterland should be flogged.”

Meanwhile, Theresa May has confirmed Tory plans to lure young voters with free yo-yos and spinning tops.