Britons spent entire TV debate waiting for losers to be eliminated

VIEWERS of last night’s election debate cannot understand why the losers’ lights were left on throughout the whole thing. 

Britons were baffled after waiting for party leaders to be eliminated for getting questions wrong, then to spend the rest of the show standing mute in darkness. 

Mary Fisher of Warwick said: “Lights out one by one, then a quickfire round between the remaining two, then the winner. That’s the way Britain likes it. They’ve no call to go messing around. 

“That bald one just said the same thing over and over but his light stayed on, and even when the contestants nominated someone else they still stayed talking. 

“There’s no way the Welsh one should have been in, or the Scotch one, and the pale one with tiny eyes I kept thinking was the quizmaster’s sidekick like him who’s tall off Pointless.”

Fisher added: “That Rudd woman should have been first to go. She didn’t know fuck all.”