You definitely voted to lose £66 billion a year, May tells Britain

THE prime minister has told Britain it knew full well it was voting to shrink its economy between 5 and 10 per cent, so no further debate is required. 

Theresa May added that mass unemployment, segregation of population by national origin and a nosediving pound were all “pretty much on the ballot” so parliamentary debate was unnecessary.

She continued: “When the British people overwhelmingly voted for Brexit on June 23, they also voted for a new prime minister and entirely new policies never previously mentioned. That’s just common sense.

“They voted to leave the single market, to accelerate the break-up of the UK, and for the construction of a new royal yacht, so any further consultation would be a slap in their patriotic faces.

“All these whiners claiming they did not necessarily choose to crash our economy and never have a foreign holiday again are a mere 48 to 70 per cent of our population so can be cheerfully ignored.

70-year-old Eleanor Shaw added: “I voted for golliwogs not to be racist anymore. Has that happened yet?”