We ask you: what does the return of Stormont mean for Northern Ireland?

NORTHERN Ireland’s power-sharing assembly is set to return to goverment after two years’ absence. What next for the region?

Wayne Hayes, bank manager: “The IRA’s not come back, have they? I stopped paying attention when they went. I shouldn’t like to have to start again.”

Joanna Kramer, teacher: “Two years’ sulking just because they were lied to, right to their faces and repeatedly, by Boris Johnson! If we all did that no-one would have a government.”

Sue Traherne, ice sculptor: “So who’s been in charge all that time? I suppose they let the Welsh Assembly do it, it’s as easy to pretend to run two countries as one.”

Lucy Parry, drama student: “Controversial, but I actually think there should be a Northern Ireland border. That way you wouldn’t confuse it with the fun Ireland with Dublin in.”

Tom Logan, actuary: “And it’s only costing us three point three billion quid. F**king bargain.”

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