Wednesday, 19th February 2020

Evil Guardian once again tricks football fan with article about women's football

THE scheming, duplicitous Guardian has again hoodwinked an innocent football fan into browsing an article about women’s football.

Nathan Muir clicked on a story about players being called up to England’s World Cup squad before realising it was a women’s squad for the women’s World Cup, played by women.

He said: “They’ve got Gary Neville’s name in there. That’s deliberately deceptive.

“This isn’t the first time, either. Just at the weekend I read about Arsenal’s van de Donk scoring a brace against West Ham and was confused as to the identity of this promising youth player. She’s called Danielle. It was a woman.

“I’ve nothing against it. It’s just misleading, the way they mix them together as if they’re in some way related rather than total opposites.”

Muir added: “What if I start getting interested in it? What happens to me then?”