Mum still confident we can win it

A FOOTBALL novice mum has reassured her heartbroken family that England can pull something out of the bag and win the World Cup.

Susan Traherne of Warwick told her husband and two sons not to lose faith in ‘the boys’ and whatever the commentators might say, it is not over yet.

She said: “They keep saying ‘Mum, we’re out, that’s it’, but I still believe. Gareth Southgate is a very clever man. He’ll find a way.

“I’m actually disappointed in my menfolk for giving up so easily. Harry Kane won’t have, I know that. He’s determined as well as handsome and polite. He’ll keep trying.

“Well what do you know? Piers Morgan’s just said we’re playing against Belgium on Saturday. You see? Didn’t I tell you?

“I’d better go and tell everyone. They’re going to be absolutely delighted.”

14-year-old son Jamie Traherne said: “Yeah. Trying to teach mum about football turned out to be a very painful mistake.”