Friday, 14th May 2021

'F**k you, we'll walk alone' fans tell Liverpool

LIVERPOOL fans have confirmed they would rather walk alone for a bit after their club joined the European Super League.

After chanting a message of solidarity in the face of adversity for decades, supporters feel that LFC’s owners might have misunderstood it for unquestioning, slavish support.

Former fan Steve Malley said: “Yeah, first the Tories get put in charge of the city and now this. 2021’s been a real sickener.

“I know we all sang about walking through the wind and the rain together, but perhaps we should have added a disclaimer about not necessarily remaining side-by-side as Liverpool joins a greedy breakaway league that tramples over the idea of sporting merit.”

Furious supporter Wayne Hayes said: “The second I’ve finished burning my kit I’m going to head to Anfield stadium and squeeze out a turd in front of the Shankly Gates.

“Could I have imagined doing this two days ago? No. It would have made as much sense to me as the idea playing against the same handful of clubs on heavy rotation while hoarding billions of pounds.

“Even Everton fans have taken the day off from shouting ‘wanker’ at me as a mark of respect for what’s happened to my team. If that doesn’t tell you how dark a day this is for football, I don’t know what could.”