Lineker finally admits he won Golden Boot in 1986

BBC presenter Gary Lineker has finally solved the mystery of who won the Golden Boot at the 1986 World Cup.

The former England striker had remained tight lipped about the prize for the tournament’s top scorer, refusing to even say the words ‘Golden Boot’ at every available opportunity.

But he admitted: “It was me. I had hoped that everyone had forgotten. I have been so disciplined in not mentioning it repeatedly, every single day on live television for the past nine days.

“But after each match Alan Shearer and Frank Lampard have been saying to me ‘Gary, at no point have you talked about the Golden Boot, which is kind of odd, because you won it in 1986 by scoring a hat-trick against Poland, then another two against Paraguay and then your sixth goal in three games against Argentina in the quarter final’.”

He added: “I hate taking about winning the Golden Boot in 1986. I’d much rather talk about the 1990 World Cup, particularly the opening game against Ireland, because that’s when I shat myself.”