Thursday, 22nd April 2021

Man United awarded further penalty four days later

MANCHESTER United have been awarded a further penalty in last weekend’s match against Brighton & Hove Albion. 

United were already given a penalty after the final whistle, but following an exhaustive 96-hour VAR review referees have concluded there was a second infraction so United must take a second penalty in a game that finished at half-past two on Saturday.

Referee Chris Kavanagh said: “The referee’s decision is final. Four days late and final.

“Luckily United and Brighton meet in the Carabao Cup tonight, so we’ll briefly resume Saturday’s game for a penalty kick that will make no substantial difference to the result of a match everyone had moved on and forgotten about. It’s VAR at its absolute best.

“Would we have done the same if video had detected the ball brushing a United player’s arm? Absolutely not.”

Premier League chairman Gary Hoffman said: “This opens the door for all kinds of retrospective decisions to right footballing wrongs. Leicester winning in 2016, for one.”