Poet Laureate Unveils Ode To Chelsea’s 4-3-3 Formation

POET Laureate Carol Ann Duffy has penned a poetic tribute to Chelsea's favoured 4-3-3 formation without being asked.

The Queen has stressed that Duffy wrote the poem off her own back

Entitled The Blue Storm, the appalling 16-line composition is a literary exploration of the current Chelsea line-up, littered with the usual catalogue of ill-informed female gibberish.

Duffy's poem opens with the lines "Attackers defend from the front, with midfielders, the ball, delaying, Drogba and Anelka are in there somewhere, And little Joe Cole, if he's playing."

She then references 'Mourinho's mighty men of mud', three years after the Portuguese coach left the club and goes on to suggest Chelsea sign Jimmy Muir to play in goal, a move dismissed by manager Carlo Ancelotti because Muir is a striker, 50 years old and a fictional character portrayed by Sean Bean in the film When Saturday Comes.

Poetry analyst, Julian Cook, said: "The worlds of serious literature and football seldom collide –  the only notable exceptions being Albert Camus and Neil Ruddock's Hell Razor.

"Ms Duffy's poem is the literary equivalent of Titus Bramble trying to untie a reef knot with his feet."

He added: "Perhaps she should stick to more traditional, feminine subjects like unrequited love or the heftiness of one's menstrual flow."

The Blue Storm follows Duffy's recent poem on the new 'essentials' range at Waitrose and a 12 verse limerick on which characters should be axed in Hollyoaks which led to her being hailed by the Times Literary Supplement as a 'polysyllabic version of Take a Break'.

On receiving her official copy of the new poem the Queen thanked Ms Duffy before having her arrested by the Grenadier Guards and deported to Glasgow.