Rugby fan claims there is rugby on

A RUGBY fan has insisted that a big rugby event is currently taking place, despite nobody having heard anything about it. 

According to Stephen Malley the event, which he claims is called the ‘Six Nations’, is taking place here in the UK at this very moment, despite a total lack of evidence.

Colleague Susan Traherne said: “I think I’d notice if a major international sporting tournament was taking place in my own country. I’m not blind.

“According to him England beat France last weekend, but I went out and there was a distinct shortage of jubilation and flags and beer offers in the supermarket and all the usual shit.

“He says it was on the BBC, when everyone knows sport’s only on Sky, and that England are tipped to win, which is such obvious bollocks I couldn’t even be bothered to respond.

“I think he’s got it confused with the Superbowl. Sad really.”

Malley said: “No, really, it’s happening now, and it’s incredibly exciting. Why won’t anyone believe me?”