Rugby players worried about teammate drinking piss alone

A GROUP of rugby players are worried about a teammate after seeing him drinking a glass of warm piss on his own.

Player from Yarchester RFC’s thirds team spotted back rower Tom Logan surreptitiously downing the glass before furtively looking around and going about his business.

Manager Wayne Hayes said: “I’ve got a duty of care to all my boys. When Tom came to training last night he was chewing gum, and he would only drink from his own water bottle.

“We’ve all thought about it, but it’s a slippery slope.”

Logan is thought to have developed the habit after a number of heavy nights drinking urine after winning the league last season, followed by a long summer with little to focus on.

Prop Stephen Malley said: “Drinking your own or someone else’s piss, and being sick into a glass and then drinking the sick are social activities.

“When consuming bodily waste stops being fun, you have to stop.”