Rugby under increasing pressure to come up with set of rules

RUGBY Union chiefs have been forced to admit the sport is a bloodletting free-for-all that may need some rules.

For decades, rugby fans have maintained the pretence that there is some order to events on the field, but the sport’s governing body has finally admitted it has no idea what is going on.

A World Rugby spokesman said: “Of course there are things players can’t do, like passing the ball forward or decapitating an opponent. Actually, decapitation may be okay, but they definitely can’t throw the ball forward.”

He added: “The referee is basically just there to pick up the players’ teeth and return them after the game.”

Wales captain Alun Wyn Jones said: “I’ve been playing rugby since the age of four and I’ve never once had any clue where the ball is.

“I just roam around in a pack of other massive men and punch anyone wearing a different coloured shirt.”