Rugby World Cup still not over

THE RUGBY World Cup has entered its six month with no sign of it finishing any time soon.

Initial enthusiasm for the tournament quickly dissipated when people were exposed to actual rugby matches, and most public interest is now centred around when, if ever, it will stop.

Bill McKay, from Leicester, said: “The football World Cup is over and done with quicker than this, and that’s actually fun because it is not just men with massive thighs standing around.

“No-one likes rugby enough to watch more than two games, three tops. They can only get away with calling this a festival because it involves posh men and mud.”

Joanna Kramer, a dentist, said: “I can’t remember a time before the rugby world cup. Some of my earliest memories are of Uruguay collapsing the scrum against Fiji.

“That was in the third round of group stage matches, so it must have been around 1981.

“I know it will end eventually, just like I know that one day the queen will die and one day they’ll stop making Doctor Who. I just can’t actually imagine it happening in my lifetime.”