Sir Alex Ferguson launches The Alex Ferguson Library

FORMER United manager Sir Alex Ferguson has launched The Alex Ferguson Library, which delivers a new Alex Ferguson autobiography to your door every month.

The mail order service will offer classics like Alex Ferguson: My Autobiography and Alex Ferguson: Managing My Life alongside new volumes like Alex Ferguson: My Life Managing and The Autobiography of Alex Ferguson.

Ferguson said: “The market has shown that it can bear one autobiography a year by the most successful manager since English football began in 1992, so why not 12?

“You can look forward to finding out why I dropped Wayne Rooney that time, why I dropped Roy Keane that other time, a 90,000 word account of that boot being kicked at Beckham’s eyebrow as written by the boot, and a few pages of filler about Lee Sharpe.”

The first volume of the series will cost £1.99 and come with a special 22ft-long slipcase to hold the rest of the books, leaving buyers morally obliged to buy the full set at £15.99 apiece.

Each volume will feature a thin vertical slice of Ferguson’s face on the spine, building up to a full magnificent portrait over the projected 128 editions in purple, violet, indigo and mauve.

United fan Tom Booker said: “I can’t wait to read all the best bits in newspaper serialisations the week before, then to put the volume by my bed every month while I watch goal compilations on my iPad.”