Women’s beach volleyball not actually sexy unless you are weird

WATCHING highly skilled female athletes ruthlessly competing is not as sexy as has been claimed, men have finally realised.

After years of getting excited about women’s beach volleyball, men are now beginning to accept that it is just a sport taken very seriously by the players and not some sort of erotic treat.

Office worker Tom Logan said: “When the Olympics started showing women’s beach volleyball I immediately sat down for a good ogle, but then realised that was a bit weird.

“The players aren’t doing it to be sexy, they just want to score points and win the tournament. If they knew I was sitting there going ‘phwoar’ they’d probably consider it an insult to their years of training.

“They’re certainly not doing anything erotic, just smacking that ball as hard as possible with their powerful athletes’ limbs that could snap me like a twig.”

Fellow man Wayne Hayes said: “If me and my mates sat around gazing salaciously at Paula Radcliffe going through the pain barrier that would make us strange fetishists.

“So I’m not sure why we thought women’s beach volleyball was hot, because they don’t look flirty or aroused, just incredibly focused and quite angry.

“The oddest thing is that my laptop gives me access to every form of erotica imaginable, so I don’t need to watch hours of a quite boring team game to see a lady in her pants.”