Monday, 28th September 2020

Typhoon is no reason to cancel a rugby match, says retired PE teacher

RUGBY World Cup officials who cancelled matches because of a typhoon are a 'bunch of fairies', according to a retired PE teacher.

Norman Steele, 72, said: “In my day, if anyone complained about a drop of rain, we would send them out in their vest and pants.”

Dismissing 190-mile-an-hour winds around Japan, Steele added: “You’re going to call off the rugby because of a tropical thing with a name like Hagibis? This sort of ‘storm surge’ is just the thing to get a bit of colour into a young boy’s cheeks.

“I’ve broken my nose 12 times and it never did me any harm.”

Steele added: “During the Great Storm of ’87, a few fairy boys tried to get out of games. So I sent them out to do 300 laps of the pitch.

“Runty McGee lost his inhaler in a gust, but he didn't die and therefore it was character building,”