Sunday, 18th April 2021

Cat loves whichever family member is most indifferent to it

A FAMILY cat has decided to bestow her affection on whichever member of the household cares about her the least.

Molly, a four-year-old black and white cat, shuns those who feed her, coo over her or empty her litter-tray, but lavishes love on anyone who shows no interest in her comfort or well-being.

Owner Emma Bradford said: “I do everything for that cat. I spoon her disgusting wet food into her bowl, I clean up her vomit, I get up at night to let her in, I pay her vet’s bills.

“But the minute she comes in the room she makes a beeline for Phil, my husband whose sole voluntary interaction with her is moving her out of the way of the fridge door with his foot.

“It’s galling to think that she doesn’t appreciate anything I do for her. I’m always asking if she wants to come sit on my lap but she just gives me this disdainful look. What if I stop feeding you, bitch? What then?”

“I guess I’m stuck caring for this adorably heartless creature, and the worst thing is I’m still desperate for her to like me. Maybe she’ll come round. ”

Molly, curled up next to Phil on the sofa, shivered with horror at the very thought.