Katie is a competent horsewoman with huge breasts

Dear Holly,

It may be coincidence; it may be fate, but I notice that Katie Price has become single again at the same time as me. As far as I can see she is a competent horsewoman, an expert business person and has massive jugs to boot. Who cares if she is awfully vulgar? Should I give her a call anyway? 

Prince Harry 


holly2111111Dear Harry,

Just be careful. Whilst people often say that opposites attract, sometimes we need to be mindful of extreme differences. That’s the lesson my granny learned when she got a kitten to keep her dog Bilko company. Granny was hoping it would turn out like The Incredible Journey; unfortunately it ended up being more like Deliverance. Poor Tootles just wanted a quiet life, but that was never going to be possible with an overly affectionate Yorkshire Terrier in the vicinity. Thankfully, Tootles is completely healed now and living with a nice goldfish who respects his personal space.

Hope that helps!