Since when did a basic grasp of arithmetic become necessary in business?

Dear Holly,

Since when did having a basic grasp of arithmetic become necessary to succeed in business? I had every piece from Primark’s ‘Miss Entrepreneur’ range and I can spell my whole name, what more does Alan Sugar want?

Lindsay Booth


Dear Lindsay,

We need more women like you taking prominent roles in business, if only to prove to my maths teacher, Mrs Pritchard, that she is a complete and utter liar. She seems to think that everyone needs maths to survive, but I know for a FACT that I will have no need of such piffling nonsense when I become a Disney Princess. The role that arithmetic will play in my life when dressing up in pretty dresses and dancing to Britney Spears will be negligible. I already know which combination of digits to press to get Nickelodeon on the telly; what else could I want for?

Hope that helps,