Will Deborah Meaden put me off my stride?

Dear Holly,

I’ve finally perfected a miracle cure for hangovers and I have decided to take it to Dragons’ Den so I can become the richest man alive. However I am not sure if Deborah Meaden’s presence will ‘put me off my stride’,  so to speak. Do you have any tips for keeping my nerves at bay? 




Dear  Phil,

A girl in my class, Stacey Sullivan, has been known to have a little ‘accident’ if she gets nervous or too excited about something. Last time it happened was during harvest festival. Stacey was supposed to be reading a poem she’d written about a big yellow combine harvester to the whole school, but as soon as she stepped on stage there was a loud popping sound and then all the children in the front row scattered with terror to avoid the brown spray. Thankfully, no-one was hurt in the ensuing stampede, but Emily Parkinson’s wheatsheaf collage was ruined and Stacey had to spend the rest of the day in lost property trousers. I think these days Stacey is on a combination of Ritalin and Sherbet Fountains to keep her nerves under control, and we all make sure to stand in front of her if she has to do any public speaking.


Hope that helps!