35-year-old at hip hop gig questioning everything

A 35-year-old man at a hip hop gig is questioning everything, it has been revealed.

Nathan Muir is the last of his friends to still attend live music events, even if it’s mainly to see 90s rappers who, like him, have some grey in their beards and tired eyes.

Muir said: “Do I actually like this? It seems very busy here and takes ages to get served at the bar because the staff haven’t had proper training.

“Working in an insurance office, I feel I have less than ever in common with Method Man.”

He added: “What’s with my haircut, anyway? And these shoes are frankly ridiculous. They’ve got a basketball player on them and I don’t even play basketball. I like cricket, Risk, and sometimes Call of Duty when the kids have gone to bed.

“If I leave now I can be back in time for Newsnight. I think there’s still some ham in the fridge.”