Child wondering how sh*t a drawing has to be to stay off the fridge

A THREE-YEAR-OLD is wondering how poor her artwork has to be for her parents not to display it on the fridge. 

Eleanor Shaw admitted she used to feel proud when her parents selected a new picture for the kitchen gallery, before noticing there seemed to be no quality control whatsoever.

She said: “This one is a purple shape with some green scribbles. I’m saying it’s a tractor. They’re not seriously going to… Jesus, really?

“And there it is, held up by novelty magnets.”

Shaw added: “I expect some bias. They’re my mum and dad, they love me, I get it. But that doesn’t mean they cease to discriminate entirely. They’re not running Channel 5.

“I brought the ‘tractor’ home from nursery by mistake. There’s a hole in the paper where I painted the same bit blue for five minutes.

“That said, my grandmother is even worse. My five year-old sister wrote ‘fat arse’ on an envelope and she framed it and put on her bedside table.”