Dad thinks he’s a f**king genius for working out obvious TV plot twist

A DAD is delighted to have been proved right about his incredibly obvious TV plot prediction.

Tom Booker was watching dreary generic crime drama Dark Town with his family when he worked out that a character who seemed least likely to be the murderer was, in fact, the murderer.

Father-of-two Booker said: “I bloody knew it! Didn’t I tell you the character Stephen DeVille was up to no good?

“I twigged the second they started playing that shifty music every time he was on screen. I bet you dozy lot didn’t even notice that. It was a clue.

“I also worked it out from the way there was another character who appeared to be the murderer because he was furtive and had a knife. But it’s never the first suspect. I knew that.

“I might do a course and become a maverick forensic psychologist like Cracker.”

14-year-old Emma Booker said: “We all knew Stephen DeVille was the killer and said so several times, but dad couldn’t hear us over the sound of him telling us how clever he was.”