I paid fifty-five quid to see a film I’ve seen before, London man tells northern parents

A MAN who lives in London has admitted to his northern parents that he paid £55 for a ‘cinema experience’.

Tom Logan, originally from Sheffield, paid to see Secret Cinema’s presentation of Blade Runner, which seemed like a fine idea until he explained it to his 65-year-old father.

Gordon Logan said: “You bloody what? For that one with Han Solo and the German lad from the Guinness adverts?

“Never seen it on the big screen? I’ve been round your flat. The telly takes up half the bloody wall.

“Dress up? Who dresses up? You dress up? What as, a Japanese? Shouldn’t be doing that. They say it’s racist.

“Fifty-five quid for a film. I knew this would happen when you moved that bloody awful place.”

Tom Logan added: “I tried to explain to him that it was a ‘cinema experience’, but was ultimately forced to agree that I was ‘talking out of my arse’.”