John Lewis advert ‘condones penguin sex trafficking’

THE John Lewis Christmas advert has been condemned for promoting the trade in penguin sex slaves.

The commercial tells the story of a boy whose pet penguin is lonely, so he buys it a lady penguin to fuck.

Avian rights campaigner Mary Fisher said: “The female penguin even arrives, dazed and probably still drugged, in a gift-wrapped box.

“‘’Monty’ the horny male runs straight at her, she pretends to be into it but only because the kid has told her that if she doesn’t play ball he’ll feed her to next door’s German shepherd.

“You can tell from his expression that Monty is evil. God knows what that beady-eyed waddling pervert has in store for her.

“Female penguins should be allowed to have their own hopes and dreams. Boycott John Lewis.”