Lego confirms Fifty Shades of Grey sequel

LEGO will make the next film in the Fifty Shades of Grey franchise, it has been confirmed.

Fifty Shades of Yellow, about a rich, kinky businessman made of Lego, will be the first ‘adult’ movie that Lego has tackled if you do not count Batman which surely you do not.

Producer Emma Bradford said: “We’re unleashing the dark side of Lego.

“The great thing about using Lego actors in bondage scenes is you don’t have to tie them down, you just clip their feet onto the plastic base and they stay perfectly still. We could tie them down but that would be more for our own amusement than anything.”

Lego already has more adult films in the pipeline including Mullego Drive, Lego Bridge on the River Kwai and TV series The Secret Diary of a Call Girl Made of Lego.

Bradford said: “We might do a Lego reboot of The Elephant Man, only in our version he can take his head off and swap it for a perfectly normal one.

Proving once and for all that Lego can do things that medical science simply can’t.”