Friday, 7th May 2021

Little Britain DVDs thrown into Bristol Harbour

LITTLE Britain DVDs have joined the Edward Colston statue at the bottom of Bristol Harbour, it has been confirmed.

After it was removed from iPlayer, Netflix and BritBox, people who own the show on DVD have shown their newfound disgust by sending their discs to a watery grave.

Bristol resident Wayne Hayes said: “The early noughties were a different time. Back then you could black up if you were doing it ironically, and you could even make a phenomenally successful sketch show entirely out of repetitive catchphrases.

“It’s time to move on though. By throwing away these DVDs now society should be free of people saying ‘Computer says no’ and ‘Yeah but no but’ in a matter of years.

“Once I’m done here I’m going to break into HMV and drop all its copies of Little Britain in the drink too. Call me a thug but I swear some of the sketches were exactly the same with a few words changed so it’s time to take matters into my own hands.

“I’d also urge people who own Come Fly With Me DVDs to chuck them away but I don’t think anyone does because it was bollocks.”