Woman furious with boyfriend over behaviour of bloke on Love Island

A WOMAN is disgusted her boyfriend would behave like a man on Love Island, which he would because he is a representative of his gender.

Emma Bradford has been in a strop with boyfriend Tom Logan ever since Wes heartlessly rejected Laura in favour of Megan, or in the strange language of the island, ‘pied her off’.

Bradford said: “Tom’s always telling me he loves me and sees a future together – just like Wes did before he ditched Laura for the first pretty girl to give him some attention, the bastard.

“I just can’t believe Tom would do that to me. After five years together I thought I knew him, but now I’ve realised what a lying scumbag he really is.”

Logan attempted to defend his feckless behaviour which was not actually done by him.

He said: “I think it’s safe to say I didn’t cheat on Emma with Megan because I’m not some random twat on a bullshit ITV2 reality show taking place thousands of miles away.

“Even so, Emma was fuming. If I ever meet this Wes tosser I feel it’s my duty on behalf of all boyfriends to stick one on him.”