Woman asks friend for ‘feedback’ on incredibly shit children’s book idea

A WOMAN found it hard to give positive feedback on a friend’s children’s book idea because it was shockingly shite, it has emerged.

Nikki Hollis met friend Emma Bradford for what she thought was just a coffee and catch-up when it turned into an impromptu pitch for her children’s book idea Spoonee and Forkee.

Hollis said: “I just kept nodding and smiling but the rest of my body was frozen by the shitness of it. I think I was in a type of ‘terrible idea shock’.

“Spoonee and Forkee – yes, they are actually called that – teach children it’s okay to be different types of cutlery or some bullshit.

“In future I’ll ask in advance if friends are going to suck me into their idiotic children’s book fantasies, because I just found myself arguing for Martin Clunes to play Forkee in the TV series.”

Bradford said: “Spoons and forks are a brilliant universal that both kids and parents can relate to. Also there’s a lot of humour potential in a friendship between two very different items of cutlery.

“I thought coming up with children’s books was hard but it turns out it’s an absolute piece of piss. Did I mention they have a friend who’s a butter dish?”