X Factor ‘clearly still brimming with fresh ideas’

THE rise of Honey G has proved yet again that X Factor is a great show with lots of fresh and innovative ideas, viewers have agreed.

Honey G, who probably would have been working with Bowie, Prince or Leonard Cohen had they not died, has proved that the show is as ever, well ahead of its time and definitely giving the British public something new.

The shows producer Emma Bradford said: “Honey G is just the tip of the iceberg. We’ve got lots of great ideas like… like… cup… cup and saucer.

“And plate. And tablecloth and teaspoon, they’re going to be really big.”

Asked whether she was just looking at what was on the table in front of her, Bradford grabbed her phone and said, ‘What? Mr Cowell is in grave danger? I’ll be there right away’, before running off and locking herself in a store room.

A spokesperson for the show added: “The store room is where we come up with most of our new ideas.”