Yet Another Batman Film Without The Batusi

HOLLYWOOD'S A-list has gathered in New York for the premiere of the latest Batman film not to feature the Batusi.

The Dark Knight, starring Christian Bale, is the sixth Batman film in a row to deliberately exclude the super-hero's trademark dance.

Instead the film is two and a half hours of Bale's existential angst as he rides around Gotham City, dressed like a giant bat.

Director Christopher Nolan told reporters his film was a soulful exploration of the different aspects of the Batman character, this time focussing on his big, pointy ears.

But he refused to take any questions on his decision – once again – to shun the Batusi.

Nolan also defended his ban on the words 'ka-pow!' and 'blam!' adding: "This isn't some comic book caper. Bruce Wayne is the tortured echo of our own darkest nightmares, who just happens to dress like a really big bat."

The Batusi, first performed by Batman in 1966, is the Caped Crusader's interpretation of the Watusi, a popular go-go dance of the time.

Batusi dancers make a horizontal V-sign with the index and middle fingers of each hand and draw them across the face, in front of the eyes, one hand at a time, while gryrating the lower half of the body. It is not dark or frightening in any way.

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One Woman's Week: Nazi Pants

By Karen Fenessey

BECAUSE I am so close to God, many people assume I am a prudish bore. But, I hate to break this to you: I am the princess of passion, the queen of copulation and the duchess of penis! Consequently, I think it is deplorable that a man can be put on trial over the outfits he chooses to wear while he is getting down.

I must say, I was surprised to discover on which side Max Mosley's bread is buttered because if it was me, I would totally dibs the 'German'. However, on reflection, I realise that it was such a nice gesture for him to go the 'prisoner' and let the girls have a bit of fun for a change.

It's just this kind of chivalrous behaviour that should be setting the precedent for bums like my boyfriend Donny. I actually have a pair of pants which are red and white with black shapes on them, and, in a certain light, they kind of look like swastikas. Occasionally, when Donny and I go for a night out, I wear them, and get such a buzz from feeling like I could herd the entire restaurant on to a train, were I to take the whim! They give a girl a certain added 'je ne sais pas pourquoi' and I know that when I walk into the room with my special pants on, I'm a real page turner.

If only Donny could appreciate my beauty and talent the way a real man like Max would. If me and Max met up in a hotel bar, I have no doubt that within five minutes we'd be getting down to some serious Abu Ghraib-inspired high-jinks.

It is a sorry state of affairs when a man can't just go out and do a spot of 'German' activity with some good friends – especially when the friends aren't actually 'German' and no one leaves as a lampshade!

I believe that people should be allowed to express themselves sexually any way they please because I am tolerant and a socialist. Except, of course, for randy pensioners and overweight lesbians because that's just sick.