Man buys worthwhile item at Christmas market

A MAN has found and purchased something of use at a Christmas market, it has been confirmed.

Nathan Muir managed to leave his local Christmas market without buying a cuckoo clock, an ashtray made of a squashed lager bottle, or a bottle of artisanal vinegar. To add to this, he found and purchased an item with an actual purpose.

Market manager Emma Bradford said: “We stand by all our products. If there’s one thing that says “Happy Birthday Jesus” it’s a candle in a tin that costs £20, smells like Haribo, and is made by someone called Miranda.”

Stallholder Roy Hobbs, from whom Muir made his purchase of four AA batteries, said: “I also sell four lighters for a quid.

“I don’t usually come here because it’s full of idiots who wear scarves when it’s not cold while drinking hot wine.”