Tesco launches pre-binned bagged salad

TESCO has launched a range of bagged salads that come already in a bin to save customers throwing them away.

The Ready Binned range means that products that will only end up being wasted anyway can now be discarded without even needing to be put in the fridge.

A spokesman said: “How often have you bought a bag of salad, only to throw most of it away a couple of days’ later when it starts to look a bit mildewy? The answer is ‘every time you’ve bought a bag of salad’.

“So now we’re selling them in a bin. You just take it home, then tip the contents into a larger bin, so that they can be taken away and disposed of.”

Householder Emma Bradford said: “As a busy working mum, I don’t have time to take food out of the fridge before I throw it away, so this is a great boon.

“Hopefully they can do this for bread, courgettes and packets of pre-sliced turkey bought on some strange whim.”