Unpopular pub thrilled to be changing hands again

AN unsuccessful pub is sure that its fourth landlord in eight years will finally make everyone like it again.

The Lamb & Flag in Bedfordshire has struggled to attract customers since it changed hands in 2014, and has become increasingly downcast at being passed from landlord to landlord.

The first sign of trouble for the pub came when Roy Hobbs took it over and replaced the menu with ‘an exciting range of authentic Thai food’.

Local drinker Martin Bishop said: “That triggered an instant boycott. We had to send a message that not serving cod and chips with a little ramekin of tartar sauce was wholly unacceptable.

“After Roy there was some twat from London who served mashed potato in a miniature flower pot. We kicked his arse back to Shoreditch.”

The pub said: “Hopefully the new landlord will return me to being a ‘safe space’ for opinionated local bastards.”