Thursday, 4th March 2021

Why I quit my job to make money telling you to quit yours

by aspiration doula Eleanor Shaw

I FOUND freedom and unleashed a creativity I never knew I had by quitting my office job, and now I think you should pay me to tell you that you can too. 

I was earning six figures a year. So how did I find the courage to walk away from that to find a calling that speaks to my passions and true purpose, soliciting easy money from the credulous?

You’re probably thinking I have some kind of family money to fall back on, and I do. But my inheritance and mortgage-free house aren’t the only reasons for my fearlessness. I’ve also never suffered consequences.

I quit my job because I was empty, tired and uninspired. I knew my life could and should be more like the one you see in adverts for Italian beer.

Walking away from everything I knew was scary. Not as scary as it will be for you because of my many safety nets. More of a thrilling scary.

And so I’ve designed a course to help guide you towards a life full of words like ‘abundance’ and ‘authenticity’, available online so that you can benefit from it wherever you are, and I can benefit financially.

The content is as yet unspecified, but I’ll call it ‘a journey’ rather than ‘a course’ and rest assured you will be soul-searching via the medium of a journal and I will be checking my Paypal account via the medium of my tablet.

We are all on this earth to find our purpose, and mine is getting you to pay me to inspire you to do something any sane adult would discourage. What are you waiting for? Change your life today.