Woman boycotting Lush because of hideous smell rather than anti-police campaign

THE most offensive thing about Lush is getting an instant scent-induced migraine as soon as you step through the door, it has been claimed.

Francesca Johnson, 29, doesn’t care about the cosmetic shop’s controversial ‘spycops’ campaign, but does experience an unpleasant physical reaction to the overpowering stench it emanates.

Johnson said: “I feel assaulted when I go in, as if the Lush employees were forcing their foul-smelling ‘massage bars’ up my nose and down my throat rather than stacking them in baskets in that faux-artisanal way they love.

“The whole place causes me to have a confusing sensory meltdown. The soap looks like it would be delicious to eat but smells like being punch by a psychotic witch with a bag of lavender and talcum powder.

“Who would have thought an aroma could be so aggressive? I have to breathe through my mouth when I walk past now in case I randomly strangle a pensioner in the street.”