180,000 new Labour members thought they were getting Beyonce tickets

THE 180,000 new registered Labour supporters thought they were buying exclusive front-row access to a Beyonce gig. 

Tens of thousands, after hearing there was only a two-day window for registration and prices had gone up by 733 per cent, naturally assumed it had to be for tickets.

Beyonce fan Donna Sheridan said: “If you’re being ripped off this severely, it’s for a gig.

“So when I heard the £25 wasn’t even for full membership but only the opportunity to show my support I entered my card details immediately and checked the small print later, though I was slightly suspicious when there was no processing fee of £12.95.

“Who the fuck is Jeremy Corbyn? Does he even slay?”

A Labour spokesman said: “All our new supporters should realise that while Jeremy is very much a political Beyonce, Owen Smith isn’t even a Kelly.

“He’s Michelle.”