I am ‘Becky with the good hair,’ admits Mary Berry

MARY Berry has admitted she is the ‘Becky with the good hair’ named by Beyonce. 

The octogenarian began an affair with Roc Nation boss Jay-Z, a fanatical Bake-Off viewer, after he sent a series of messages praising her signature pear and ginger pavlova.

She said: “Obviously I was bowled over, as I’ve been a fan of his since Reasonable Doubt, and replied with a few insiders’ tips on how to make his soufflé rise.

“Pretty soon he was asking me for photos of cakes I’d made hot and fresh from the oven, and I’m afraid to say I eagerly obliged.

“My apologies to Beyonce, but perhaps she should spend less time wearing gold lame mini-dresses and more time wearing an apron.”