Queen And Prince Philip Celebrate 60 Years Of Racial Epithets

THE Queen has paid tribute to her husband as one of Britain's most accomplished post-war racists.

Philip spots a dago in the crowd

As the couple celebrate their diamond wedding anniversary Her Majesty unveiled a plaque at Runnymede listing 60 of Philip's favourite racial slurs.

The list was chosen after a public vote and suggestions from the Privy Council and the Association of Chief Police Officers.

As well as favourites such as 'jock', 'taff', 'mick', 'kraut' and 'wog', the list contains more elaborate insults including 'slanty-eyed little dog-eaters' and 'dago monkey-men'. The list is topped by 'fuzzy wuzzies'.

A Palace spokesman said: "Her Majesty wanted to pay a personal tribute to the way her husband has expanded the lexicon of intolerance these last 60 years."

During the ceremony the Queen told a favourite story from the couple's honeymoon in Malta when Prince Philip shook hands with the local mayor and asked loudly, 'are you people wops, dagoes, frogs or chinks?'.

Her Majesty also relived the famous incident during the couple's official visit to China when Prince Philip told prime minister Li Pung that he was, 'looking particularly yellow today'.

After the unveiling the couple was presented with a pair of commemorative shotguns and spent the rest of the afternoon wandering through a nearby housing estate shooting at cats.