Taylor Swift endorses Plaid Cymru

AMERICAN pop star Taylor Swift has broken her silence on political matters to support Welsh independence.

Swift, whose hits include songs you have heard in shops, finally revealed her thoughts on the future of Wales in an emotional message to fans.

The singer said: “Lechyd da, ffrindiau! The question of Welsh independence, or Annibyniaeth i Gymru, is probably the most important political matter in the world today.

“As everyone knows, the proud Welsh people have been oppressed since 1282, when King Edward of England conquered them and enslaved their children.

“In the past I’ve been reluctant to publicly voice my political opinions, but following the election of Adam Price as Plaid Cymru leader, I believe the time is right for Wales to throw off the hated English chains.

“A new day is dawning for this proud land. Let us remember the sacrifice of our ancestors, and show our cruel oppressors no mercy, just as they showed the Welsh people no mercy for centuries.

“Rise! Rise! And may the red dragon be with you as you take back what is rightfully yours, in the National Assembly elections in 2021.”

Swift confirmed that she had included secret pro-Welsh messages in many of her songs, including Shake It Off, which is about Wales shaking off the English yoke, and We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together, which is about how post-revolution Wales will never rejoin the United Kingdom.