Being environmentally conscious great way of annoying parents, say 10 year-olds

PRIMARY school children with half a term’s learning about climate change have discovered it is a brilliant way of annoying the sh*t out of everybody. 

The ten-year-olds are bringing up single-use plastics, ocean pollution and melting sea ice at every opportunity and cannot believe how effectively it winds up their parents.

Tom Booker of Stafford said: “When Dad took the wrong turn the other day, I told him that all the extra petrol he’d used had killed a hawksbill turtle so he should be more careful. His knuckles were white.

“And when I’m trailing around Tesco with Mum, I check each and every item she puts in the trolley to make sure the packaging’s recyclable. If not, I order her to put it back.

“Miss Smithson at school said that our parents have caused these problems and it’s up to my generation to solve them, which I immediately recognised meant I could give them endless sh*t with no comeback.

“Now I get why rock stars’ sons become climate protesters. It’s such an exquisite form of revenge.”

Mother Sarah Booker said: “I might make him do a month vegan. I can, and he can’t stop me.”

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