Man wakes up on sofa with bag of sweetcorn on head

A MAN has awoken on his sofa with the front and back doors propped open and a formerly frozen bag of sweetcorn on his head. 

Nathan Muir, from Croydon, admitted he does not remember waking because of the heat, but is impressed with his innovative solution.

He said: “The bathroom basin’s full of cold water, so I’m guessing my first port of call was to soak my entire head.

“When that didn’t work I clearly headed for the cooler climes of downstairs, where the open kitchen drawer shows I rummaged around for the cellar key, sadly without success.

“I then opened both doors to create a through draught, heedless of the risk of crime, and applied frozen sweetcorn topically to the affected area before drifting off into a cool, peaceful sleep.”

He added: “It was a complete success, apart from the neighbourhood cats came in and pissed in the kitchen.”