Man who brought own shopping bag wants a f**king medal

A SHOPPER who brought a bag from home expects to be treated like a hero.

Tom Booker politely declined the cashier’s offer of a plastic bag at Sainsbury’s, pointing out his cloth bag with a satisfied smile.

Booker said: “Saving the planet is about everyone doing their bit, and everyone else noticing that and praising them.

“By refusing to accept an environmentally destructive plastic bag, I’m pretty much the same as those people who scrape the oil off of puffins.

“I also signed a petition once about fracking.”

Cashier Donna Sheridan said: “I asked if he wanted a bag and he just pointed to his Greenpeace tote, like that makes up for him buying a load of a raspberries from Ecuador.”

She also confirmed that Booker came back for a plastic bag when he noticed it was raining.