Motorist makes essential journey to Burger King

A MOTORIST has insisted he complied with weather warnings because his trip to Burger King was essential. 

Nathan Muir of Norwich admitted that he did consider the possibility that conditions could leave him stranded or injured, but his need for a Bacon Double XL meant that he had no option. 

He continued: “It’s six miles. I passed two cars in ditches, one that had skidded into a lamp-post, and a McDonald’s. 

“It was pretty hairy driving. I don’t know why some of these idiots were out. Hadn’t they seen the news? 

“I finally made it and I didn’t even do drive-thru. I went inside, shook the snow off, and treated myself to onion rings as well, given what I’d been through. 

“Getting back took an hour. Traffic was crawling. Visibility was about 15 feet. I managed to get home and just sat slumped in the car, the relief coming off me in waves. 

“I’m not looking forward to tomorrow, when I’ve got to pick up these trainers from JD Sports.”