Tuesday, 26th January 2021

Man following recipe on foodie blog just wants the f**king measurements please

A MAN trying to make a basic lasagne from a woman’s blog had to read her entire life story before getting to the actual recipe.

Stephen Malley thought a food blog would be the quickest way to find instructions, but instead found himself scrolling though a seemingly endless number of paragraphs before the word ‘pasta’ was even mentioned.

Malley said: “I always think getting a cookery book out and looking in the index is a massive faff, but it’s a breeze compared to reading through the tedious details this woman has seen fit to include.

“She started with some guff about her Nonna in Italy, before banging on about her childhood and then segueing into a tedious story about wooing her husband with this particular method of cooking mince.

“By the time she’d actually started on the ingredients I’d had enough and decided to put the kettle on for a Pot Noodle instead.

“It hasn’t got any backstory but it took less than a minute and was f**king delicious.”