Junior doctors give up protest because they’re so f**king knackered

JUNIOR doctors have abandoned their strike action because they are just so f**king exhausted.

The medics had hoped to spend the day shouting anti-government slogans while standing up, but most have now wandered away from the protest and gone home to bed.

Martin Bishop, a junior doctor from Peterborough, said: “Oh Christ, I’m so knackered I can’t even remember the name of the Health Secretary. I think it rhymes with ‘hunt’.”

Propping herself up using a misspelled, home-made placard, Dr Emma Bradford, added: “What’s penicillin again?

“Do you rub it in, or is it just another name for cardio-thoracic surgery?”

She added: “It’s okay, I just need a solid six hours sleep before I work until Friday evening making massive life and death decisions in a heaving, underfunded nightmare.”