Most Men Still Addicted To Sex With Themselves, Say Docs

THE number of men addicted to sex with themselves is just about the same as it has always been, a new study reveals. 

Masturbation technology is developing at an ever increasing pace

Report author Nikki Hollis said some men are spending more than 12 hours a day looking at porn on the internet while fondling their own penises.

However, she said the vast majority are still spending a normal six or seven hours a day looking at filth and masturbating, a figure that has remained constant for the last 3,000 years.

Hollis, head of relief at the Institute of Hands, said information technology has helped speed-up the self-gratification process.

She added: “In the last decade we have seen a virtual eradication of injuries to the private parts from staples and a sharp reduction in paper cuts, which can be quite nasty.

“We do see the odd penis with screen burn but nowadays it is mainly bad breath, derangement, blindness and calluses that we are encountering, much like we always have.”

Hollis said most men with sex addiction reported themselves pretty happy with their lot, especially the huge amount of sex they were having, with themselves, if not others.

“Some have complained of marital breakdown and the loss of their jobs and families but once they get their cocks in their hands and start pumping away again they are happy as Larry,” she said.