Mums’ arms dangerously overloaded with Pandora bracelets

AN EPIDEMIC of Pandora bracelets is pushing women’s arms to breaking point, doctors have warned.

With many relatives drawing a blank on Christmas gift ideas, it is expected the average mum will receive up to eight kilos of the popular wrist adornments, leading to a condition experts are calling ‘charm-arm’.

Doctor Roy Hobbs said: “Heavy charm bracelet wearers typically have one massive forearm like Hellboy. The muscle over-development is such that they often accidentally punch through walls.

“Last week I saw multiple fractures on a woman who became trapped under her charm-arm after attempting to signal full house at bingo.

“She was wearing so many of those things it looked like she was part robot.”

Retired headmistress, Margaret Gerving, denied the charms were a problem: “Down the golf club, we’ve had to have our blazers altered to accommodate our formidable charms.

“Like with those tribal ladies who stretch their necks with brass rings, a thick Pandora-clad arm has become a mark of power and status among our community.”